Thursday, February 28, 2008

Alright Adam I will create a blog. I guess it will be the easiest way for people to keep up with our crazy life. I am not even up to speed with our life if you must know the truth. Jason and I have been having the same conversation for 2 weeks. We lay in bed at night and try to fill each other in our family current events. One of us end up snoring a few minutes in. So we start it up the next night. So technically Jason and I are 2 weeks behind in our own life.The kids are doing well. (considering) We have all been through such a hard year. We are starting to settle in. We all decided to create a personal motto. Three inspirational words that we say to ourselves everyday.Things we want to remind ourselves, work on, or just words that help us go forward. It has been fun to create them. Gage LEAD, LAUGH, LOVE. Gavan CALM, CONFIDANT, COURAGOUS. Devion SMART, STRONG, OBEDIANT. Jada BRIGHT, PURE, PRAYERFUL. Isaac BEGIN, BELIEVE, BEHAVE. Gunnar PEACE, POWER, PLAY. Mariah SMART, SWEET, SMILEY. Graysen GREAT, GLUE, GOD. One day at a time is all you can do when your family expands the way we have.